A little rough

Just one of those weeks, I guess. I keep thinking about the future. And of course, the internet wasn’t helping to curb that, lol. Just a lot of reminders about how great having a family is. Also, though, a lot of comments about how horrible kids seem to be. Not the blunt “kids are horrible” type of comments, but the “enjoy not having kids” or the comments about how unlucky someone in particular is for having kids. Sometimes I’m in a mood where that kind of stuff makes me mad or sad, but for now, I’m just kind of annoyed. I spend so much time thinking about how great it could be, when it seems like all some people can focus on are the bad things. That’s true of a lot of people about a lot of things though, so it shouldn’t surprise me. I’m no exception to that. I often tend to to focus on what could go/would go/is going wrong, when instead I should be trying harder to focus on the good things. I’ve always been a worrier at heart though, so again, no surprise. Did I learn anything this week from all this? Probably. Honestly though, nothing comes to mind right now. Just a week for toughing through the negativity. Keep fighting forward.

P.S.- I know that a lot of these posts start to sound repetitive, and quite frankly, a bit whiny, so for anyone that reads these, I should explain why I’m writing these. Ultimately, this blog isn’t really a “blog”, as in I’m writing it to find an audience and sell my “product”, as it were. The truth is, I started writing my first post here as a private journal entry. Just a place to moan about my week and get it all out, even if it was only out on a screen to myself. As I was writing it though, I thought about anyone else who might feel like I do, and I recalled trying to find blogs or sites or any kind of outlet like this online before, with no luck at all. So I decided that while I would still write these private-journal style, I’d allow them to be public. I guess I figured at least one other guy out there feels like I do, so maybe seeing my posts will make him feel better about everything. Misery loves company, and even if they don’t read it, simply knowing they’re not alone may be enough to help. And if not, then oh well. I still feel a bit better writing these, so they’ll keep coming.


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